Dear Community,

On behalf of our entire new dev team we are pleased to announce that we have successfully executed the fork on block 325k as planned and stopped the inflation that has been diluting the coin and suppressing the price over the past 2 months. Overall the transition to the new wallet was a smooth process, even though there were slight delays for testing the wallet to make sure our active environment would work seamlessly when we made the transition. To our loyal community members that have believed in us during this time of transition We want to say “Thank YOU!” for your trust and commitment! We are working tirelessly on a successful roadmap and ecosystem for the HTRC community to thrive.

As we all know, increasing the collateral alone will not increase the value of HTRC. There has to be a dedicated team with a solid vision and road map to complete the equation for a successful project. That being said, with great pleasure, we are proud to announce some very big changes coming your way! We have just  completed and applied for a premium application to list HTRC on a well-known exchange and upon approval it would give us much more exposure to increase our market cap as well as have another exchange for our community to trade on (the name of the exchange will be revealed when the listing process is completed). In addition to expanding to new exchanges we are planning on the launch of a very large and strategic marketing campaign to reach out to more potential investors and let the crypto community know what our plans are for the rest of 2018 and beyond. Marketing is going to be a very important part of our internal roadmap as we believe we have to keep our community and new potential investors aware of our progress, achievements, and future plans for the HTRC community. As we have always said before we love hearing feedback from our community as we continue to grow as a company and would not be able to do it without your support. We have, as a team, been working extremely close with each other along with new potential partnerships to gain trust in our backers for a strong future for HTRC and present you the road map for the year 2018.

Thank you for your continued support!
Your HTRC team