Dear Community, on August 3rd, 2018 we successfully stopped the inflation of HTRC on block 325k, giving you the promise that this was not the end of the road. We promised you that we are working on big plans to give HTRC a bright future and today we will reveal the future to you. We are pleased to announce the bridge between the eSports and Crypto world by introducing Crypto Sports (CSPN).

CSPN stands for Crypto Sports Network and is also the core of the eponymous platform. Besides Proof-of-Stake, CSPN also provides Masternode functionality which is fully integrated into the Crypto Sports ecosystem and allows instant and secure private peer to peer transactions within the Crypto Sports Network.

CSPN Specifications

Name: Crypto Sports
Ticker: CSPN
Algo: Quark
Type: MN / PoS
Reward split: 80% / 20%
Block reward: 3 CSPN (annually decreasing by 6.7%)
Block time: 60s
MN collateral: 1337 CSPN (l33t)
Max supply: 13.37M
Premine: 850k

We are excited to announce our plans to merge 3 communities into 1 by providing a swap for HTRC, VYI and GOSS to CSPN. The public redemption will take place on a fully automated platform and will last 5 weeks giving the following swap ratios:

week 1 (HTRC only): 250:1 | week 2: 250:1 | week 3: 275:1 | week 4: 300:1 | week 5: 325:1

We provide a full swap for HTRC and VYI and a partial swap for GOSS, giving GOSS the same amount of CSPN as we give to VYI. HTRC and VYI will be removed from all exchanges before the redemption takes place. More information and dates will be released soon.

For more detailed information about CSPN please read our introduction document:

If you prefer to read in night mode, we also have the right version for you :sunglasses: :

Stay informed about the state of development by joining the official Crypto Sports
Discord server:
and Telegram group: .


We are looking forward to experience this journey with you together as a great community!

– Your Crypto Sports team –