HTRC Governance Fund Beta

The development of the governance fund platform is progressing right on schedule and our team is proud to announce that we already have a fully operational system (in beta) and are looking for 10 volunteers who would like to be part of the beta testing process. If you are interested in helping us to test the efficiency of the new HTRC Governance platform please dm @iXzellent .

Here are some details that explain how the platform works:

The user registers on the platform, creates a wallet address and deposits HTRC to their account. Once deposit is received you can buy one or more tickets to support HTRC and participate in the lottery. 10% of the payed ticket price goes to the winnings, the other 90% goes to the Governance Fund. Once all tickets are sold, a winner will be picked by our random selection algorithm and immediately receives the prize to their account wallet, which can then be withdrawn to a local wallet. The next funding round immediately starts after the last round ends, so it is an automated and eternal process.

We are planning to release the platform to the public before the end of this month.

For all that won’t be a part of the beta test phase please see the screenshots of the new platform below.

FYI: We currently lowered the funding goal and ticket price to 100/10 HTRC for testing purposes. The finished product will work with 500k/1k HTRC.

Thank you for your continued support!

Your HTRC team



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