– Graviex confirmed to apply the update of the wallet. We will inform you when the update is finished.
– Crypto Bride has just disabled deposits and withdrawals for applying the wallet update. We will inform you when the update process is finished.
+ Farther notice about the coming blocks
there are approximately 600 blocks remaining, which is approximately 10 hours, until the big change will take place. The current exchanges: Crypto Bridge and Graviex have been informed regarding the wallet update and we are awaiting a confirmation from their side.
We suggest everyone to update their wallets ASAP. You can find a detailed update guide in our #guides section.
Currently, you can still withdraw your coins from the exchanges to your wallet. Ie: from old to new.
Please do not transfer HTRC between the old and new wallet AFTER BLOCK 325K or your coins may be lost forever.
Please do not deposit or withdraw HTRC to or from exchanges AFTER BLOCK 325K until they applied the HTRC wallet update. We will inform you as soon as the exchanges have confirmed the update and it is safe to transfer HTRC again.

Your HTRC team


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